We Stand 4 Something, Inc. provides the bridge between traditional services and the full, engaged lives people want. We have first-hand experiences understanding people with disabilities because we are people with disabilities and their families.  We pledge to primarily employ people with disabilities to deliver our services. We empower people and their families to use advocacy to tailor their environments to supplement their strengths. We support people to live lives of quality, fully included within their communities.


To enhance the lives of people with disabilities by teaching them skills they can use to speak for themselves for their whole lives

Values and Beliefs:

  • We believe everyone is entitled to an individualized education that plays to their strengths.

    • We provide education and advocacy services for families and assist them through the IEP process.


  • We value the voices of people with disabilities and know that each person has a story to tell. 

    • We provide teaching self-advocacy skills and coaching in public speaking so people can find their own voice and share it with others


  • We believe all people should have a safe environment in which to live that is suited to their unique needs and to live where they desire.

    • We provide assistance with locating housing, supporting people throughout the process, from finding a great location to move-in day and beyond


  • We believe all people should be able to access public services.

    • We provide assistance to navigate application and eligibility requirements for assistance programs


  • We believe all people need to get out and have fun!

    • We provide opportunities for people to get together in their communities, connect with others, and have a good time!


  • We value the safeguards provided to us by the ADA. We believe all people should be educated about the ADA. Our approved ADA trainers provide information to individuals and organizations using the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center and Cornell University’s training materials.


  • We believe every person who wants to work must have the opportunity to work.

    • We help people find employment while offering training to develop needed skills,  including resume writing, dressing for success, communicating at work, etc. that will help them to be great employees.


  • We believe everyone needs a safe space and the opportunity to talk to others experiencing the same life circumstances.

    • We offer services to help families connect to one another so they can share experiences and learn from each other.


Leslie Hailey

Community Outreach Officer

Laura Greene.jpg

Laura Greene

Emmanuel Jenkins

Founder & Director

Leslie Hailey has worked to support people living with disabilities for over 25 years.  She has provided supports in day programs, at residential sites and as a job developer/job coach for people with disabilities.  For the past 20 years... (more)

Emmanuel is a motivational speaker where he provides workshops for many different organizations. He is also a certified trainer, teaching people with disabilities to recognize report and respond to abuse...(more)


Marissa Castello,

Administrative Support/Secretary

Laura Greene is originally from Philadelphia, PA, but has lived all over the Tri-State area.  In 2010 she migrated to Delaware, calling it home since.  She lives in Northern Delaware with her son and many pets.  She loves good food, good company, good talk, and warm hugs.  Laura is the founder/CEO of Mid-Atlantic Captioning LLC, where she coordinates CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) services in a variety of settings for individuals with hearing loss or deafness.  With the CART services her company provides, deaf and hard-of-hearing participants can keep up with the happenings of their classes, trainings, conferences, seminars, and more.  Laura, a person with spina bifida, is a self-advocate for her family and is working towards bringing hand-cycling to Delaware as a recreational pass-time and physical therapy for persons with physical disabilities.

Marissa Castello is an Administrative Assistant at Benton Lynn Law, P.A. Firm in Dover, DE.  She’s also the founder and CEO of ConfidenceNUrShine Outreach Ministry and founder and CEO of MCassociates, a virtual administrative assistant business.

Marissa is a mother of three daughters and a grandmother of two grandsons. Marissa has been advocating for her daughter, and others, since the inception of her daughter's IEP in 3rd grade. Marissa became an advocate after experiencing firsthand how the school systems were handling her child’s learning disabilities and became passionate for speaking up for those who were unable to articulate for themselves. She lives by these core principles of life…” always stand on the truth”, “say what you mean and mean what you say”, “if you say you’re going to do something do it”, “everyone’s time is valuable, so be on time”, “most of all treat people how you want to be treated with dignity, respect and love”. Marissa is honored and excited, as this is a blessing to be able to serve on the board and be a part of WS4S. She looks forward to the bright future within the organization.