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Dielle De Noon- Board Member Website Manager
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Hello! My name is Dielle De Noon; I completed an associate degree in human services from Delaware Technical Community College in August 2021. I am currently undergoing a bachelor's degree in behavioral science from Wilmington University, which will be completed in December 2022. My main goal is to graduate program to pursue my doctoral degree in psychology to become a pediatric psychologist. I would like to work with children that are part of the LGBTQ+ community and children with and without disabilities.  I have about two years of personal experience with computers and some cybersecurity to go along with it. I have a strong passion for working with computers and have been for many years. It is fascinating how technology has evolved and is continuing to evolve. I have a passion for helping others resolve computing technical issues from hardware to security. I am always eager to learn new things related to technologies and cybersecurity. I have a passion for working as a team and offering and accepting various ideas and suggestions on various topics and tasks. I also have a passion for advocacy in multiple areas that are related to people with disabilities along with any legislation that is related.

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