Laura Greene

Laura Greene.jpg

Laura Greene is originally from Philadelphia, PA, but has lived all over the Tri-State area.

In 2010 she migrated to Delaware, calling it home since.  She lives in Northern Delaware with her son and many pets.  She loves good food, good company, good talk, and warm hugs.  Laura is the founder/CEO of Mid-Atlantic Captioning LLC, where she coordinates CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) services in a variety of settings for individuals with hearing loss or deafness.  With the CART services her company provides, deaf and hard-of-hearing participants can keep up with the happenings of their classes, trainings, conferences, seminars, and more.  Laura, a person with spina bifida, is a self-advocate for her family and is working towards bringing hand-cycling to Delaware as a recreational pass-time and physical therapy for persons with physical disabilities.